Our Program

The Compliments of Commonwealth Real Estate Benefits program has been customized to offer real estate benefits to employees/members of corporations and organizations a no-cost, value added, full service real estate program. Program benefits are available to all employees/members interested in buying or selling residences at no cost to the employee. Not only will members gain exclusive access to an experienced real estate professional, but they will also receive other real estate benefits in the form of financing, moving, storage, and more. Enrollment in the Compliments of Commonwealth program allows employees/members real estate benefits normally reserved for corporate sponsored relocations.


  • Must be an active employee
  • Employee cannot be a signatory to a listing agreement or buyer broker agreement
  • Must register for the Compliments of Commonwealth program before contacting a real estate agent
  • Work exclusively with program-affiliated agent throughout transaction
  • Cannot be registered or receiving benefits from another referral, real estate affinity, or relocation service program
A newly constructed, modern home.